Sestante Conservative Fund

AZ Sestante Limited is the Responsible Entity (‘Responsible Entity’) of the Fund and the issuer of units in the Fund. It is a majority owned subsidiary of Azimut International Holdings S.A. (‘Azimut’).

AZ Sestante Limited has appointed Ironbark Asset Management Pty Ltd (‘Ironbark’) to provide investment management and research, compliance governance and client services for the Fund.

Investment Objective

The Sestante Conservative Fund is an actively managed multi-manager Fund that seeks to deliver an investment return of CPI +1.5% p.a. over three year rolling periods and has a suggested investment timeframe of 3 years.

About the Fund

The Fund blends active and passive strategies across various asset classes to provide a well-diversified and cost efficient portfolio to investors.

The Fund’s exposure to different asset classes, investment styles, markets and investment managers is designed to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio and smooth expected returns over time. The overall asset allocation of the Fund is skewed towards exposure to defensive assets such as fixed interest and cash, with less exposure to more volatile growth-type investments such as equities and property. The Fund also has ability to hold up to 40% in cash in challenging market conditions if needed.

Overseen by a skilled and dedicated investment committee, the Fund provides active asset allocation management and access to a blend of high calibre underlying managers with different approaches, investment styles and expertise in order to achieve its investment objective.

Key Features of the Fund

  • Diversification across both active and passive strategies, broad range of asset classes, investment managers and geographies.
  • Conservative value-driven approach with a flexibility to manage asset exposures actively within the parameters of a conservative asset allocation framework
  • Strategic asset allocation to suit a specific investor risk profile.
  • Continuous investment management oversight by a dedicated Investment Committee team providing continuous research, analysis and investment governance at all times

1 After management fees and costs, before taxes.

Application Price
Withdrawal Price

Unit price as at 18 September 2017

Unit Price History

Unit Price History

Sestante Conservative Fund

Date Currency Application Price Withdrawal Price CPU
18/09/2017 AUD $1.0058 $1.0017 0.0000
22/05/2017 AUD $1.0163 $1.0122 0.0000
18/05/2017 AUD $1.0157 $1.0116 0.0000
15/05/2017 AUD $1.0157 $1.0116 0.0000
17/03/2017 AUD $1.0058 $1.0017 0.0000
16/03/2017 AUD $1.0044 $1.0003 0.0000
15/03/2017 AUD $1.0033 $0.9992 0.0000
14/03/2017 AUD $1.0031 $0.9990 0.0000
13/03/2017 AUD $1.0031 $0.9990 0.0000
10/03/2017 AUD $1.0034 $0.9993 0.0000
09/03/2017 AUD $1.0039 $0.9998 0.0000
08/03/2017 AUD $1.0043 $1.0002 0.0000
07/03/2017 AUD $1.0048 $1.0007 0.0000
06/03/2017 AUD $1.0051 $1.0010 0.0000
03/03/2017 AUD $1.0055 $1.0014 0.0000
02/03/2017 AUD $1.0045 $1.0004 0.0000
01/03/2017 AUD $1.0033 $0.9992 0.0000
28/02/2017 AUD $1.0037 $0.9996 0.0000

Asset Class


Responsible Entity

AZ Sestante Limited




615 786 395


Benchmark unaware

Suggested Investment Period

3 years

Fund Inception Date

28 February 2017

Minimum underlying managers


Income Distribution

Typically quarterly

Risk Level


Important Information

Issued by AZ Sestante Limited ABN 94 106 888 662 AFSL 284442 (“AZ Sestante”). This is not an offer of securities or financial products, nor is it financial product advice.  You should consider the PDS in deciding to acquire or to continue to hold units in the Fund. As this website page has been prepared without taking into account of your objectives, financial situation and needs, you should consider its appropriateness having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. The Product Disclosure Document (‘PDS’) can be obtained from or by calling Client Services on 1800 034 402.  Although the above information is taken from sources believed to be accurate, no warranty is given as to its accuracy, completeness or availability. Pricing: For monthly priced funds, unit prices are calculated on the last business day of each month based upon the net value of each fund divided by the number of units on issue in each fund. Unit prices may be delayed following the end of a distribution period or for other reasons.